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Tops Knives Backpacker's Bowie

I carry two knives on my person at any given time. A folder for my typical tasks and a fix blade for the times when things may get a little more serious. I carry my fixed blade concealed as not to scare the sheep and size is a concern when carrying concealed. As previously mentioned, I spend a great deal of time researching things before I buy and this knife was no different. A co-worker recommended I check out Tops Knives. I did and was pleased to find they were American made and had really good reviews in the knife world. Tops has been in the knife business for a long time and is no stranger to making a great quality knife.

After much deliberation, I decided on the Backpacker's Bowie, a smaller version of a standard Bowie type knife that can be concealed easily. The blade measures in at 4.5" and has a tumble finish. It is constructed of 1095 RC 56-58 and let me say, it is SHARP! The blade has jimping which I found to be about perfect, not so aggressive to be uncomfortable but present enough to ensure your thumb does not slip. The hook is not for gutting but instead intended for lifting pots from a camp fire or similar tasks. The blade is perfect for EDC and easily concealable. Also, the tumble finish hides marks very well and keeps the knife looking great. This knife has been used for about everything a knife can be used for and shows little wear and remains very sharp. The blade on this knife requires little maintenance to keep it like a razor.

The handles are constructed of green Micarta canvas and the fit for my large sized hands is very nice. I do love Micarta grips and these do not disappoint. There is also jimping on the back strap to aid in grip for different positions. The grips are well shaped and any descent hold should retain the knife well without risk of slipping.

The sheath is fair. I appreciate the fact the holster included is Kydex. It has a rotating, metal belt clip which allows for various carrying positions. It is intended for right handed carry but I carry the knife vertically on the left front portion of my belt. This allows me ease of access by both hands and is great for cross draw. It is very comfortable in this position and does not interfere with my magazine pouch or removing items from my pocket. The only real complaint with the holster is it feels very cheap. The Kydex is thin and I suspect it will fail with any long term hard use.

I can't come up with one single complaint for the knife its self. I will likely have a new holster made at some point but other than that, this knife is a must have. They retail for around $150.00 but shop around and you should find it in the $100 price range.


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