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Smith & Wesson M&P EZ 380

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

My mom will be turning 70 this year. She understands the dangers the world has to offer and she also understands she can't count on anyone to protect her in a time of need other than herself. At just over 5 feet tall and not exactly large in stature, she could be described as an easy target. Because of this, she has decided to start carrying a firearm. So the search started and we quickly found a problem, her hands were weak. She was unable to rack a slide and had difficulty operating a revolver. So I started searching for something that she could comfortably operate.

I discovered Smith & Wesson had already addressed this issue with the M&P EZ 380. The EZ was designed to allow easy slide manipulations, trigger pull and magazine loading. So an order was placed and a few days later a box came with a shiny new M&P. It should be noted, her M&P came as a package with a metal lockbox for home or vehicle security. With shipping, we were able to get it for about $315.

I pulled the M&P from the box and started to evaluate it, after all it's my duty as a son to make sure the gun is safe for her to use...

I grabbed the slide and gave it a pull. Much to my surprise, I nearly ripped it right out of my own hand. It was easier to rack than a rubber-band gun. To give an example, I found I could use my little finger on my off hand to push the slide all the way back.

The slide also has a flare to the end to help enhance grip. Physically, the EZ was very similar in size to a Shield. It came with 2 single stack, 8 round magazines. The magazines were also easy to load. They have an external handle, similar to some 22 caliber magazines, that allow you to slide the follower down for easier loading. Another feature outside the realm of your typical M&P was the grip safety. The grip safety is very similar to a Springfield XD series and must be depressed before the firearm will shoot.

Something I would like to specifically address is the trigger. The M&P series has typically been plagued by a poor trigger. This trigger was obviously designed for those who may have weaker hands than others. The result was a light and crisp trigger that was a pleasure to shoot. If Smith & Wesson would put a trigger like this in the rest of the M&P series, it would be a game changer for the product line.

At the range, we began working with my mom on proper techniques. Once she had her grip down, the EZ operated flawlessly. In more experienced hands, the EZ was capable of placing reasonable groups on a target at 7 yards.

If you know someone who is looking for a firearm but may have trouble managing a more common pistol, this is a great alternative. Its comfortable and most of all EZ to shoot. The price is very reasonable and 380 ammunition has come a long way to becoming an acceptable choice for a personal, low recoil defense round.


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