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Sightron SIII Series Scope Review

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

There are several scopes on the market, some are great and some are terrible. Unfortunately, the ones on the "great" end of the spectrum are often quite expensive as well. I have spent a great deal of time looking at and trying different optics. I have come across two brands which have became my go-to brand. The brand I have the most experience with is Sightron. I will review the other at another point in time. I currently have 3 of the SIII series and would like to review a couple of them.

First off, I would like to point out I bought and paid for these scopes out of my pocket. I only did so after spending quite a bit of time doing some research in hopes of spending my money wisely, I think I made a good choice. My work rifle is a Savage Model 10 Tactical with a 20 MOA Weaver rail, Bell & Carlson stock (glass bedded) and a Timney Trigger. The scope is a Sightron SIII with a Mil Dot MOA reticle and illuminated center dot and it sits in Burris Extreme rings. This scope can typically be picked up for around $800 give or take.

The scope has a 30mm tube, side focus and the illuminated reticle is simply a dot in the middle, not the entire cross hair .

What I like about the scope; The glass is amazing. Some people I know have spent a great deal of money on their optics. A friend of mine is running a Nightforce which is obviously an amazing scope. While the glass is a bit better and it has some very nice features, I find the price difference does not justify the minimal increase in features, at least not for me. It should be noted, Sightron has an upgraded model which includes an upgraded price. The scope includes the missing features often found on the more expensive scopes and still comes in a little cheaper than the competition. I have not had an opportunity to use one of these.

The Sightron SIII tracks amazingly well, I have not found any flaws in this area at all and I don't think you will find better. The clicks are tactile and not mushy like some others I have found. The knobs can be reset to zero and are exposed as they should be for a working rifle. Included in the box is a scope cover, sun shade and all of the appropriate paperwork for the lifetime warranty.

The second scope I would like to discuss is the Sightron SIII 6-24x50 with the MOA-2 reticle. This scope does not have the illuminated reticle which for me is not a deal breaker. It's a nice feature but in my experience is something else that can be broken (although I have never had a failure with any Sightron of any type). This scope can also be had for around $800 give or take. It is mounted on my Remington 700 MLR in 338 Lapua. The rifle is in a McRees Precision G7 chassis but otherwise is mostly in stock configuration.

Even with the added recoil, after several hundred rounds, there have been no issues. It holds zero and is easily adjustable and returned back to where it should be.

I also have a fixed 20 power waiting to go on a custom rifle project to be completed. Obviously, I have not had a chance to use the scope and can't comment on it other than I don't expect there to be any problems.

Now for my complaints, which are minimal. The side focus is not marked in yardage. This is not a deal breaker as all you have to do is set the focus while looking through the scope. The only real benefit is the quick setting of approximate focus if you know your shooting distance. The scope does not have a zero stop. This aggravates me a little but if you know your scope and keep track of your revolutions, you should be fine. A zero stop just makes life much easier. Also, the factory scope caps are junk! Replace them with a quality set as soon as you get your scope. The scope will come with a nice quality cover however which I have found nice for keeping your scope protected while in the safe.

All in all, it is a great scope for the money. If you want the added features often found on more expensive optics look into the SV series. It's still going to come in cheaper and will likely leave you amazed. Also, if you are a law enforcement professional, contact Sightron directly. They have an awesome LEO program.


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