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Sig P320 Full Size 40 S&W

A couple months ago I attended a firearms instructors training. Many of those in attendance were in possession of the Sig P320 in either 9mm or 40 S&W. Both calibers appeared to perform well and I was able to handle some of the firearms. I decided I would like to purchase one for my own personal use and spend some time on it.

As many of of you already know, the P320 ran into a problem early on where they were deemed to not be "drop safe". Because there was a large amount of the P320 in circulation, and Sig wanting to do the right thing, many were sent back to Sig. Unfortunately, many of these were law enforcement firearms and as we all know, a police officer can't simply go without his firearms while it is being repaired. Ultimately, this meant Sig had huge amounts of these firearms which had been repaired and refinished to a like new quality however they could not be sold as new. Enter the "red box" Sig P320. An opportunity to own a P320 at a significant discount.

I picked mine up as a "red box" gun and could not find any indication the gun was not new. The Sig P320 is very similar to the P250 however the P320 was a striker fired, polymer framed pistol instead of being hammer fired. Like the P250, the P320 has a modular chassis system that can be interchanged into different frame, barrel and caliber sizes. The frames not only could be had in various sizes, but also thickness. The P320 does not have interchangeable backstraps but instead the whole frame thickness is changed in the grip area. My P320 came to me as a full sized, medium frame 40 S&W. I must admit, I felt like it fit my had perfectly right out of the box.

I obtained a holster for the Sig (see my Phillips Arms Co review) and headed to the range. I rand several hundred rounds through the gun without one problem. There were no malfunctions of any type. I was pleasantly surprised with accuracy also. Please make note, I am not a professional shooter nor do I compete. I am sure there are many out there who are more accurate with a firearm than I am. I practice combat shooting, which tries to combine accuracy and speed for critical situations. I practiced at 10 and 5 yards and none of my groups were larger than the palm of my hand.

The only real complaint I came up with was the take-down lever was a bit intrusive to where I normally place my hand. A simple manipulation of my hand placement took care of the problem but I would have to spend some time building muscle memory to avoid the issue all together.

My P320 came equipped with night sights. I found the sights easy to use during regular daytime hours and they were plenty bright during the night, not so bright to cause problems though.

Now for the part that is typically an issue for me with Sig firearms,the trigger. As previously mentioned, this is a striker fired pistol which is something Sig has traditionally avoided in their firearms. They nailed it with this one. I have no complaints and actually really like the trigger. On many of my firearms I end up changing out to an aftermarket trigger but I think I will leave this alone.

All in all, this is a great firearm and I would have no issues carrying this firearm on a regular basis for protection. I would happily carry this as a duty weapon also. Sig offers this firearm in several variations including the M17 tribute, a civilian version of what the military adopted. There are also several versions available with sight cuts allowing a red dot to be mounted to the slide. If you have been on the fence about buying one, go for it. I have no regrets.


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