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Rock Creek Gun Service Suppressors

I was fortunate enough to stumble on Rock Creek Gun Services while hunting for a 45 ACP Suppressor. Lets face it, suppressors are time consuming to obtain and not the cheapest tool in the cabinet. The rewards are wonderful though and, like firearms, are somewhat addicting.

Rock Creek Gun Service does more than just suppressors. They are specialists in HK but that isn't the topic of this particular post. My main interest was the suppressor for my beloved 1911 pistols. My search soon came to include something I could use on other firearms I own with threaded barrels. I stumbled on a post for Rock Creek Gun Services online and started doing some research. I ended up on the phone with the owner and sole operator of the shop. He was courteous, responsive and in short order confirmed he was able to do what I needed.

My suppressor came in and the quality of craftsmanship was second to none. The suppressor can be completely disassembled and cleaned. The end-cap is removable and it included a tool for the removal of both ends. Different threat pattern pistons are also available allowing me to run this on different pistols and calibers.

I loaded up and headed to the range. I was curious how the suppressor would function on my Kimber TLE/RL and also how well it would reduce sound. Unfortunately, I don't have any fancy equipment to help determine the actual decrease in decibels, but to the naked ear, it was a huge improvement.

Honestly, I don't know what all can be said other than it works exactly as it should, it's easily serviced and the customer service is great. It's hard to go wrong. Please feel free to check out their website or look them up on Facebook and send him a message on Messenger. Also, check out his other products, I haven't had the opportunity to handle them first hand but if anything like his suppressors, I am sure they are top notch.


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