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Rauch Precusion BMOD Suppressor Wrap

I am always looking for quality products to add to my store. Often times, the price of quality is somewhat expensive. When searching for a supplier to meet my wants and needs for suppressor wraps, a company called Rauch Precision was mentioned. I reached out and am very glad I did. They make a superior product at a very reasonable price.

Rauch makes two separate lines of suppressor wraps. They are not mass produced, but instead made to order and made to fit your suppressor. I ordered a BMOD version for my personal rifle. They have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from including the Thin Blue Line version you see on my carbine.

The BMOD is their moderate use wrap. It is not designed to hold up to sustained full auto fire but it is rated for 2,000 degrees. It is perfect for bolt guns and the average carbine shooter who isn't doing magazine dumps.

I placed my order and within a few days, had my wrap. It was well made and well thought out. I have shot with the wrap on several firearms and also sold them to several law-enforcement professionals and competitive shooters and there have been no complaints.

The wraps resist shifting and fit exactly as they should. Again, if your looking for something to mitigate suppressor mirage and help you prevent burning the absolute living daylights out of yourself, this is a great option. If you feel you need something intended for heavy use, look at their other lines, I am certain they can supply what you need.


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