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Phillips Arms Co Kydex Holsters

I recently purchased a Sig P320 after attending a lengthy instructors course. Many of the other attendees were in possession of the Sig P320 in either 40 S&W or 9mm. After they let me fondle their firearms, I decided I needed to spend more time with one myself. Obviously, when you purchase a firearm there are certain things your typically need to purchase to accompany your new baby. One of the first is going to be a good holster. I began the search for a Kydex in the waist holster.

It seems everyone is making Kydex these days. You can easily spend over a hundred dollars on a holster and get them as fancy or as basic as you please. During my search, I came across a company by the name of Phillips Arms Co. I will be the first to admit, the price was what caught my attention initially. I spoke with the owner via email and he responded very quickly. So, why not give it a shot...

Within a couple days, I had a package sitting in my mailbox. I brought it in the house, opened it up and there was my new holster. An initial review showed a simple but effective method for adjusting cant, an extra hole drilled in the appropriate location on the belt side of the holster. This hole is mostly covered by the clip while the clip is attached. Speaking of the clip, it is a nice quick detach style, not something made out of Kydex which in my experience is prone to breaking. The holster is also adjustable for retention. Another plus as this is a feature the owner should be able to set to their preference.

I recovered my Sig P320 to test fitment. My Sig is the full size variant and I was curious how well it would lock in place. The Sig slid right in and held nicely. I noted some time had been put in to the fitting to ensure proper trigger clearance and rear sight clearance. The edges of the kydex appear to have been finished by hand. While they may not have the machine cut finish you would find on commercially produce holsters, they were very smooth and beveled to prevent any sharp edges. The holster wears comfortably even considering this is a full sized firearm. I have was many consider to be a "dad bod" and did not have any issues with the holster digging into my side.

So all in all, whats my thoughts? I am impressed with the holster and the customer service I encountered. Brian, the owner, was aware I planned to do a review of his holster and I paid retail pricing for the holster. Speaking of "retail pricing"... As I mentioned earlier, the price of the holster was what initially caught my attention. I paid a whopping $22.80 for this holster, and that included shipping! Brian has a good variety of holsters for various firearms and if he does not have what your after, I suspect he will go looking... Give him a call and tell him Valley Of The Gun sent you!


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