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Olight PL-Mini & H2R Review

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

One of the things I have been working towards is the review of products I sell in my store. I recently signed up with Olight and became a dealer. Olight has a line of EDC lights, weapon lights and even a 25,000 lumen monster. Something I want to point out, these lights are not the cheap convince store lights that claim astoundingly high numbers in regards to output. Because of this, they are not the cheapest lights on the market but are more than reasonable when comparing to the other lights in the same category.

Where did I get the lights to test? I bought and paid for these out of my own pocket. If they did not work as advertised, trust me, you would know and I would not sell them in my store.

First impressions; These came in QUICK! I was impressed with the boxing, instructions, accessories and information available. When I opened the box for my H2R, I found it thoughtfully packed. The light was not heavy but felt very solid. The lens appears to be very clear and much more robust than the cheap lights often found in box stores. I was pleased when handling the light and felt it was well thought out. The H2R is much smaller than I expected but fit in my hand well. The PL-Mini what pretty much the size I was expecting. The PL-Mini also included different mounting pieces for different rail types.

Using the lights; The charger for both the H2R and PL-Mini is unique, with a quick magnetic attachment feature and a built in led indicator advising when the light is charging and fully charged. Both lights, as with any other rechargeable item, needed some charging when they came out of their boxes. They both included Olight brand rechargeable batteries. The charger for both is a magnetic disc which quickly and easily attaches to the bottom of the lights. It detaches just as easily. I thought since I had 2 of these lights, I would keep a charger in my vehicle and in my home. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The chargers appeared to be the same at first glance but I discovered that was not the case. Olight had some insight and reversed the polarity to prevent the wrong charger from being used on the wrong light. That said, I wish they had standardized the charger. Also, I wonder if the design would allow the light and charger to short out if the positive and negative came in contact with a piece of metal, we will have to wait and see.

Brightness; Holy smokes! These little lights are monsters! The PL Mini is rated at 400 lumens and I have no doubt it meets that number. This compact light is deceptive and will not leave you wanting for more. Equally as impressive is the H2R. It is ANSI rated as having a maximum output of 2300 lumens! It is astonishingly bright and can be very dangerous to the eyes. It does not have a strobe but does have multiple settings including a SOS and a moonlight setting which give a minimum amount of light but is said to last for 45 days constantly on. The H2R also included a unique headband which allows the use to use the light hands free for various jobs or hiking. It also has a 90 degree head which I find useful for clipping the light to my shirt and moving around. Speaking of the clip, it is stout and its unique design allows the clip to be used from either end.

Light Beam; Both of these lights emit a very bright beam that really reaches out there. The both seem to offer more of a flood type pattern instead of a spot. This is not a problem for me and I am sure this is how they intended for the lights to work

Problems; I have only encountered one issue with each. My H2R appeared to have gotten confused at one point. The light seemed stuck in moonlight mode. I took the battery out and put it back in. It seems to have fixed the problem and it has not happened since. The PL-Mini was in my pocket (I have not had a new holster made yet) and I pulled it out only to find the battery dead. I think the light probably got turned on in my pocket which killed the battery. I am not sure of this and will be keeping an eye on it. That said, Olight offers a 5 year warranty on their products and if there is an issue, it will be sent back. Another thing to consider when purchasing the weapon lights is the fact there are not a lot of holsters on the market yet. This is no fault of the manufacturer and the list of available holsters is growing.

Pricing; These are not $5 specials. The MSRP fo the H2R is $89.95. The PL-Mini comes in at $79.99. These lights are at a quality and price point intended for professionals and people who understand the need for a high quality light. I personally believe these lights are bargins at their price point.


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