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Glock 43 Extended Carry Review

OK, let me start out by saying I am no Glock fanboy. I carry a Gen 4 Glock 22 at work but only because I am forced. I think the term "Glock Perfection" is an oxymoron and there are some serious design flaws. With that all cleared up, I really like this little gun...

Where did I get the firearm? This firearms was purchased new by me right after they came out. I have been carrying it as a backup for quite a while now.

First Impressions; The 43 came in the same type of packaging as any other Glock seems to. Nothing out of the ordinary for a Glock but it is a suitable hard plastic case which can be used for storage. It of course included all the typical paperwork, shell casing and lock all new pistols seem to include. One of my biggest complaints with the traditional Glock is the grip angle and on the newer generations, the finger groves. I was pleasantly surprised to find it fit my hand comfortably.

When I bought the Glock 43, it was at a time where most subcompacts on the market seemed to be of questionable quality. While not the top of the line, I felt the price and quality reflected a mid-grade option which I was comfortable with.

Shooting the Glock 43; This was going to be the first real test. I bought the gun and promptly took it to the range for qualifications. No test firing, no time to see how the sights were aligned. Just go and see if it had what it took. Well it did, not one malfunction and it hit just exactly where it was supposed to hit. Actually, I was really surprised at how accurate it was. Pocket pistols are not supposed to be accurate, are they?

Another initial concern was the recoil. This gun is very light and obviously has a short barrel. I was prepared for muzzle rise and a snappy recoil, but neither were there. It was actually quite pleasant to shoot.

Sights; My Glock has they typical U sights often found on the cheaper Glock pistols. These work but are a long way from what I would call a great sight. I prefer a 3 dot with a large, different colored front dot. I keep planning to change the sights but just have not done it yet. I probably would have been happier with night sights but these do the job and I am able to stay on target with it.

Magazine Capacity; This is where the buyer needs to make a decision. If you feel you need to have 19 rounds at your disposal, this is not the gun for you. 6+1 is what you can look forward to. The simple fact is, that's the trade off for a very concealable firearm, you can't have huge capacity amounts and still retain a tiny package. There are numerous companies out there who make extended floor plates for the magazines but if your going to go crazy with the length of the magazine, why did you buy a Glock 43? I will say, the finger extensions are nearly mandatory for me. My hands simply do not fit right without.

Reliability: I have put several hundred rounds down range with this gun. Some personal defense, some reloads but mostly ball target ammo. I have had 0 malfunctions. This thing just keeps shooting. It gets bounced around in ankle and pocket holsters, dropped and mistreated but does not stop. I have no complaints at all with that aspect.

Modifications: There are tons of modifications available for the Glock 43, mine is stock and with the exception of the sights will stay that way. I feel the trigger is appropriate, and the gun functions just as it should. Also, with it being a back up gun for my work, I do not want to run the risk of a defense attorney complaining about an aftermarket trigger. Being a Glock, holsters, sights and other accessories are readily available.

Overall Thoughts; This gun has almost made me change my mind about the Glock line of firearms. Hopefully, the future lines of Glock will start to grow on me and I can purchase a few more to add to my collection. I wish the finish was a little more durable as it seems to rub off somewhat easily. I hope they get away from the crappy plastic sights all together one day and only use the metal sights. Do I feel comfortable with carrying this gun every day, yes. I am 100% comfortable with it and in the end that is what is important.


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