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Bootleg Inc Adjustable Bolt Carrier Group.

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

I decided I wanted to build a suppressed 300 Blackout on an AR platform. I have historically run adjustable gas blocks on my other suppressed firearms but was not overly happy with way they had to be adjusted. Enter the Bootleg Inc. adjustable bolt carrier group.

I contacted Bootleg and ended up signing up to become a dealer for their products. The offer a non-adjustable bolt carrier group, handguards and a few other quality accessories. For now, I just needed the bolt carrier and placed my order.

A couple days passed and I received my bolt carrier group in the mail. I was impressed with the finish and it looked to be well assembled. The BCG has a Lithium Isonite coating and is full auto rated. The biggest perk in my opinion, it can be very easily adjusted by a screwdriver while still installed in the firearm. There are are four settings, more than other adjustable bolt carriers, the the key is easily removed for cleaning.

I placed the carrier in my newly completed Aero Precision and off to the range I went. In very short order, I dialed the bolt carrier in. There were no hick ups and I ran several boxes of ammo down the barrel without any issues. The bolt locked back as it should and it functioned exactly as expected.

I would like to point out another huge plus to running this BCG. If you have spent any time behind a suppressed AR, you know your liable to end up with a face full of crud at some point. The Bootleg Inc. adjustable carrier, directs the gasses in a way to prevent them from from giving you a face full of gasses.

Yes, these are a little more expensive than a standard mil-spec bolt carrier group, but not by a great deal. The cost is easily offset by the fact you no longer have to purchase an adjustable gas block. In my mind, if you are planning on suppressing an AR, these are the way to go!


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