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Boker Kalasnikov AK74 Automatic

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

I picked up a Boker Kalashinkov AK74 auto knife for my work carry. It is in the standard size and has a bright orange finish to the handle and the AUS 8 blade. The knife certainly has some good and bad to it. We will discuss my thoughts on it here shortly...

Where did I get this knife? I purchased this knife with hopes of using it as my EDC and for work. It currently fulfills duties as my work knife.

First Impressions; This knife came in a unique box shaped like an AK style magazine. While it is just a gimmick, at least they took the time to be somewhat innovative and put it in something other than the typical cardboard box or blister pack. The blade was sharp and serialized, a nice touch and a show of quality.

Overall construction; The knife is well built. The handle is made of aluminum and the finger grooves are placed appropriately allowing me to grasp the knife without fear of loosing my grip. The spring flings the blade open with an appropriate amount of force. The button used to open the knife must also be pressed to close the blade. One of my common pet peeves is the screws which hold the belt clip often work loose on knives, I have not had that problem with this knife. The screws have maintained their tightness and I have not had to put any thread locker on to keep the pocket clip secure.

Pros; This knife is of good quality, especially for the price point. These knives are around $40. If you shop, I have seen them as low as $35.00. That is below the price of a medium quality pocket knife. The blade is of pretty good quality and there are options to upgrade if one desires. There are different sizes available also. With regular maintenance, the edge has remained very sharp and accomplished the tasks I needed it for. The action button is recessed just enough to prevent it from being easily pressed. It's just the right depth and size to allow for the user to manipulate the button without fear of it opening at an inopportune time, like in your pocket.

Cons; The finish on the handle is crap. It takes little to wear the orange right off leaving the bare aluminum exposed. This really bothers me. I understand it isn't an overly expensive knife but I did expect more. The action button feels a little gritty but works as it should.

Would I buy another? Yes, it serves it purpose well and other than the cosmetic issue of the finish wearing off, it has been a good and solid knife. While the button is a little gritty, its not a deal breaker. For the price point, I can't expect a top of the line knife.


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