Valley Of The Gun Offers Safes!

Valley Of The Gun is proud to announce the addition of Sun Welding Safe Company safes to our product line. These are top quality safes built right here in the USA! These are not a "box store" safe and are built by some of the best in the industry.

Sun Welding Safe Company has been in business since 1980, building their product in California.  With fire ratings of up to 2 hours and hardened steel doors up to 1/2 inch thick, these safes will help protect against event the most aggressive thief or damaging fire.

They will custom build a safe to your needs and even make vault doors for your gun room. All this for a price surprisingly close to what you can buy at the local chain. We will even have it sent right to your door.
If your interested in getting a price, feel free to set up a time to find out what model works best for you.