Class III Weapons and Transfers

Transfer Fees
In-Stock Items - No Charge
Standard Transfer - $75.00
First Responder & Military - $50.00


Special Order NFA Items

These items are special order and are subject to availability and price change.  Short barreled firearms, suppressors and AOW items are all regulated by the National Firearms Act and require the successful completion and approval of a $200 tax stamp.  The price of the tax stamp is in addition to the purchase price of the item.  The items on this page are only a few of the great NFA items available, if you don't see what you are looking for please ask.  As always, there are no transfer fees for items purchased directly from Valley Of The Gun Firearms!


Silencerco Maxim 9 Black.  $999.99

The Maxim 9 is a leader in the suppressed firearm market.  This innovative 9 mm, semi -automatic firearm with an integral suppressor.  Other colors are available at additional costs.


Liberty Mystic X Kit.  $625.99

The Liberty Mystic X Suppressor Kit is a true multi caliber kit with amazing versatility and effectiveness.  The kit includes the following;

1/2-28 FBA
5/8-24 FBA
5/8-24 LOPRO FBA
1/2-28 LOPRO FBA


Dead Air Armament Sandman S 30 Cal. $799.99

The Sandman S is a multi-caliber suppressor rated for up to 300 Win Mag.  It has an included muzzle break with thread 5/8x24 which is standard on most 30 caliber threaded barrels.  This suppressor carries a manufacturer life time warranty.


Beretta ARX 5.56 SBR FDE.  $999.99

The Beretta ARX 5.56 with 10.5" Barrel is a great combat firearm.  It has a 10.5" Barrel and utilizes standard AR magazines.  This firearm is also available in black.


Dead Air Mask 22 LR.  $399.99

The Dead Air Mask is a great suppressor for the 22 LR.  This suppressor is rated for all popular rim-fire cartridges such as the 22 LR, 22 mag, 17 HMR and even the 5.7x28.  The design allows for easy cleaning and it even has no barrel length restrictions.

NFALWRCSIX8RB8_1 (1).jpg

LWRC SIX-8 SBR 6.8 SPC.  $2,299.99

The LWRC is a serious contender in the world of short barreled rifles.  It has a 7.5" barrel and all the top quality parts you would expect.


Springfield Saint 11.5" 5.56.  $899.99

The Springfield Saint is a great firearm, in 11.5" configuration is short, nimble and reliable.  Add a suppressor for a great entry weapon!


Rauch Precision Suppressor Wraps.  Starting at $39.99

The Rauch Precision Suppressor Wraps are ideal for you standard, semi automatic or precision rifle.  The standard version is not intended for heavy, sustained fire use but an upgrade is available to suit full auto rates of fire.  Additional colors, patterns and styles are available.  These are made to order and there may be a lead time.


Rebel Silencers Alliance.  $250.00

The Rebel Alliance is a great option for a budget suppressor for your AR or other 5.56 rifle.  This suppressor is not rated for full auto rates of fire but will work perfectly for semi auto and other non-sustained rates of fire.  This is a modular suppressor.


Black Aces Po Boy Pro Series 30.  $199.99

This is a rugged, simple and effective suppressor.  It is a direct thread 5/8x24 pattern and is user serviceable with a standard AR wrench.  This suppressor is full auto rated and has a minimum barrel length of 10".  The carbine is not included and for demonstration only.


The Process

Valley Of The Gun Firearms will handle your Class III or AOW transfer and help guide you through the process of what you need to do to obtain the appropriate tax stamp.

The purchase of a Class III or an AOW item requires the completion of an application to the federal government and a tax of either $200 or $5 depending on what is being transferred.  You will need to obtain a fingerprint card, passport photos and notify your local law enforcement entity.  The application process can take several months to complete.

Click on the link below to be taken to the application for a Class III or AOW Firearm